Rotary Swivel Joint, Single & Multi Passages

The rotary swivel joints, single passage and multi passage offered by us feature Single and Multi Passage that feature 360 Deg. swivel joints for meeting the demands of various applications in earth moving equipment and cranes. These feature maximum speed of 100 RPM with maximum temperatures of 120° C. The available range includes: R-1700 Rotary Union : It is a multi passage union that has more than three passages provided with radially sealed, rotor supported between iolite bearings


Operation Data :

» Max. Speed -100 RPM
» Max. Temperature -80° C
» Max. Air Pressure -10 Kg/Cm.2
» Max. Hydraulic Pressure - 204 Kg/Cm.2
» Media - Air & Hydraulic Service


Download Drawings R 1700
Download Drawings l0-RDV
Download Drawings PAIREE RDV
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