Rotary Union For Hydraulics

We offer our customers precision engineered rotary union for hydraulics application. These are available with aluminum housing, double bearing options and compatible seal combinations. Further, our valuable process expertise also allows us to deliver in these exceptional finish standards as demanded y the customers.

R-1600 Rotary Union :

These unions feature dual passage slow speed radial seals with rotor supported between iolite bearings that makes them suitable for triple passage service with tandem arrangement.

Operating Data :

» Max. Speed-250 RPM
» Max. Temperature -80° C
» Max. Air Pressure - 10 Kg/Cm2
» Max. Hydraulic Pressure - 204 Kg7Cm2
» Media - Air & Hydraulic Service

Rotary Union For Hydraulics
Rotary Union For Hydraulics
Assembly UN 600
Assembly UN 800

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