Rotary Union For V.V. Hot Thermic Fluid

We offer rotary union for V. V. hot applications. The product offered under this include R-201 Rotary Union, which are high temperature service unions featuring Rotor and Outer body made of temperature resistant steels. These also feature optically flat lapped Tungsten Carbide Seals that are held by 99.99% pure graphite bushing. This allows them to withstand very high temperatures of Thermic fluids. Further, these are available in Mono Flow, Duo Flow as well as with Fixed Siphon and Rotating Siphon options.

Operating Data:

» Max. Speed - 250 RPM
» Max. Temperature - 250° C
» Max. Pressure - 5 Kg./Cm2
» Media - Thermic fluid
» Rotor resting in Bush Bearing » Balanced Sealing
» Carbon to SS seals

Rotary Union For hot Application
R-100 DFFS
R 201 Rotary Union

Download Drawings R 201-1
Download Drawings R 201-2