Rotary Union For Coolant

We offer customers rotary union for coolant applications. These feature housing with straight through or 90° entry for high pressure based applications. Further, these are made available with hard alloy vs carbon graphite sealing faces as well as with Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic Seals.

Available Range :

» R-600 90° & Straight through Rotary Union
» R-600 90° Rotary Union
» R-600 Straight Through Rotary Union

Operating Data :

» Max. Speed-10.000 RPM
» Max. Temperature -80° C
» Max. Pressure - 68 Kg/ Cm 2
» Media - Coolant Fluid
» Light Aluminum Housing
» High quality rotor resting in precision bearings
» Carbide Seals

Rotary Joint For Coolant
Assembly UN 600
Assembly UN 600
Assembly UN 800
Assembly UN 800

Download Drawings R600

Download Drawings R800