Rotary Union For Air - Vaccum

The rotary union for air - vaccum based applications. These are made available by us under the name of R-1300 Rotary Union. These slow speed Single Passage high pressure unions come with rotor supported between iolite bearings as well as radial seals that are backed up by PTFE / leather washer so as to deliver optimum functionality in the given applications.


Operating Data :

» Max. Speed - 250 RPM
» Max. Temperature - 80° C
» Max. Air Pressure - 10 Kg./Cm2
» Max. Hydraulic Pressure - 204 Kg./Cm
» Media - Air & Hydraulic service
» Aluminum housing
» Compatible seal combinations
» Double Oil Impregnated bearings

Rotary Union For Air - Vaccum
Assembly UN 600
Assembly UN 800
Assembly 112-1300

Download Drawings R300
Download Drawings R1300